Are you searching for the perfect school to learn Polish? Are you an expat looking to stay awhile in Poland, or are you just passing through and would just like to broaden your horizons? Whether you need it for work, pleasure, or just like to feel a little more "at home", whatever the reason, we have just the thing for you!

Bokano School of Polish offers variety of courses at various levels. We offer individual or group courses, intensive, super intensive and regular.

You can join our school at any time, any day, at any point in time. All we ask you to do is come in for a short interview where we'll ask you some questions in Polish to check your level of the language. We'll also ask you to complete a short test.
Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. (And we know from experience that the optimal length for 1 session is 2 lessons).

Available courses
Regular course
Classes take place twice a week (4 lessons):

* individual courses
* group courses (2-3 students)
* group courses (4-5 students)

Intensive course
Classes take place 3-5 times a week (6-10 lessons):

* individual courses
* group courses (2-3 students)
* group courses (4-5 students)

Super intensive course - "Submersion into Polish"
This course lasts 2 weeks, 6 lessons a day everyday
(with a 1-hour lunch break):

* individual courses
* group courses (max. 4 students)

10.00-11.40 - 2 lessons
11.50-13.30 - 2 lessons
13.30-14.30 - lunch break
14.30-15.50 - 2 lessons
The lesson plan and class times may be altered and adapted to the individual needs of students.

Weekend course - Polish lessons and sightseeing tours of Warsaw:

* individual courses
* group courses (max. 3 students)

Away course - "Out and about in Poland"
5 days or longer. Intensive Polish language course (4 or 6 lessons a day, everyday), connected with sightseeing of touristic and recreational spots all around Poland.

* individual courses
* group courses (max. 4 students)

Additional expenses - board and lodgings for students and teacher, plus any expenses connected with sightseeing and other touristic attractions.

For the very busy student:
Individual courses for those who do not have time for regular classes. Days and times of classes are adjustable, according to the student's availability.